About Us

Prima Staffing is a San Antonio based leading global recruitment organization, which has partnered with experts worldwide. We specialize in the provision of temporary and permanent skilled and trained staff. We are an executive search and human resource outsourcing company that services companies and institutions specializing in Healthcare, Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Administration, Human Resources, Technical/Electronics and Engineering

Prima is a network of businesses and talented individuals that have been carefully selected to promote growth, profit and opportunity. Because of our structure as a network, there’s the possibility for exponential growth, allowing businesses access to even more talented employees, and individuals the chance to get hold of even more desirable jobs. As Prima’s network grows, everyone benefits.

Prima’s Pursuit of Excellence

We’re passionately committed to the constant pursuit for excellence in all we do, pushing ourselves to fulfill the needs of every business and individual we work with, supporting them however we can. Because this business is ultimately about helping others, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of service for all our partners.

Prima Staffing values diversity, reliability, accountability, measurement, and progress. Our integrity, knowledge and expertise empower us to overcome challenges. These are the qualities that enable us grow, win, and prosper, and pursue our goals on a global platform.

Prima’s Pursuit of Diversity

Diversity is one of Prima’s core principles, and underlies all of our recruitment practices. It’s through diversity that we have built our incredible network of both businesses and jobseekers, and it is this diversity that leaves us positioned to make the perfect matches. With Prima you can be sure that the right person will be matched to the right job.

Equal employment opportunities with Prima are based solely on merit, qualifications, and skills, and we do not discriminate in any of our practices on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, disabilities, nationality, ancestry, or any other attributes protected by law.

We believe that diversity has a significant positive effect on bottom line, and consider diversity to stretch so far as to include diversity in skills, talents, life experiences, and working styles. There’s no shortage of evidence of the positive effects of diversity in the workplace, and that’s why our culture is diversity and inclusion. Not only is it the fair thing to do, it’s the best thing to do for our business – and yours. Here are a few of the benefits that we think follow from diversity:

Increased ability to attract and retain employees: Our commitment to diversity allows us better hiring and retention of employees. Numerous studies have shown that workers discriminate between employers on the basis of their diversity policies, and are willing to leave jobs if the employer’s values clash with their own.

Enhanced brand image and reputation: Both clients and applicants are drawn to companies with positive diversity policies. That’s why we encourage diversity not only for ourselves, but for all of our partner businesses.

Expanded client base: The business world is just as diverse as anywhere else, and so we regularly partner with diverse businesses and people. Embracing diversity strengthens our relationships with all of our partners. 

Greater innovation: Diverse people bring with them diverse opinions and ideas, allowing us the chance for fantastic innovation, expanding our business as we become more diverse. Diversity and inclusion have made us the creative and innovative business that we are today.

Prima & Corporate Social Responsibility

Prima is proud to incorporate corporate social responsibility into all of our business practices. Our methods and systems have been designed from the ground up to benefit not only our partners, but society itself. Our diversity policies ensure that we are an equal-opportunity employer, allowing us to help many disadvantaged people find the perfect roles for them.

We remain environmentally mindful, maximizing green principles in our offices. We also encourage and advocate employee volunteering, as we believe that giving something back to the community improves employee morale and motivation – meaning we can support the community while building our business.