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Posted On : June 19th, 2013
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As one of today’s leading staffing companies, Prima knows that many job seekers reluctant to accept temporary work because they would like to hold out for a full-time position. However, many employers prefer to test people on the job before being hired full-time. So if you’re looking for a new position, a good opportunity may come in the form of temp-to-hire. Here are a few reasons why you’ll benefit from it:

You can check out the job as well as the employer.

A temp-to-hire arrangement allows the employer the opportunity to test you out before making a full-time hiring decision, as well as a chance for you to do the same. Not only will you gain a better sense of whether the position is a good fit for you, but also whether you fit into the company culture.

You have opened the door to the company.

Is there a company you’d love to work for? But competition to get in is intense? Then taking a temp-to-hire job at the company may open the door to a permanent position.

You can boost your resume.

If there’s a certain skill you’d like to obtain or area in which you’d like to gain more experience, taking on temp-to-hire work may be your chance to fill in the gap. Even if you don’t get hired full-time at the company, you’ll still be able to include new skills and experience on your resume, increasing your chance for career advancement.

You can network with tons of people.

Even though you’re a temporary worker, you’ll still get to work alongside the company’s management staff and full-time employees. If you do a good job, you’ll make a positive impression on them, which can increase your chances of obtaining a full-time job there. Or one of your new contacts may refer you to opportunities at other companies.

If a staffing agency assigns you to a temp-to-hire job and it works out, then you just found yourself a new full-time job. If it doesn’t work out, though, there’s not a lot of loss there. You know that either the company or the kind of work wasn’t for you and your staffing agency will get back to work finding other suitable opportunities for you.

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